Just Ducky

When I left Tacoma today to head out to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, it was bright and sunny. By the time I got there, it was cold and foggy.

Which was probably a good thing, photographically, because usually when I get a shot of a male Hooded Merganser all highlights are blown out in the white and black hood, but that’s not true in this shot, at least not in the original, where you can see many of the small feathers that make up the hood:

male Hooded Merganser

Which is not to say that I wasn’t delighted when the sun finally showed up right after lunch, just in time to get some of the best shots I’ve ever gotten of these Green-Winged Teal. I was amazed how close to the trail they were, and even more amazed that they showed no tendency to fly away when I pointed my lens at them.

male Green-Winged Teal

But perhaps it was because most of the water was frozen, and the Teal didn’t feel as tempted to take up ice skating as these American Coots did:

American Coots on Ice

4 thoughts on “Just Ducky”

  1. Those three coots are about to take off skating in lock step while whistling “Over the Waves.” They need three tiny fringed mufflers tossed over their left shoulders. Dead serious, but jaunty as all-get-out.

    Hoping you are the same,


  2. Yes, they reminded me of speed skaters lining up behind each other.

    There were whole strings of them 20 yards long, but I liked this pose best of the shots I took.

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