More Butterflies

It poured most of the day here in the PNW, so I decided it was the perfect day to take Lael to the Pacific Science Center. After all, the butterfly garden is under glass and seems like a tropical paradise no matter what the weather.

I continue to be amazed, and pleased, even after several visits to the Butterfly Garden as I continually find butterflies that I’ve never photographed before, and I love seeing the ones I’ve previously photographed.

There seemed to be several nearly black butterflies, with a slight bluish tinge floating around today. I thought this one that had landed on a bright yellow flower was particularly impressive:

Black Butterfly

But my favorite butterfly of the day was this tan and white one that seemed everywhere, but looked particularly beautiful next to the same yellow flower:

White and Tan Butterfly

I spent most of day doing what Lael told me to do, so it was nice to see her directing the Seattle Center Central Fountain, rather than me.

Seattle Center Fountain

Despite the fact that I saw the fountain the year it was originally built, I still love watching the water rise and fall in time with the music.

4 thoughts on “More Butterflies”

  1. Jeez, what a lot of nice butterfly, bird, and flower photos you’ve had the last few posts! I had to skip past the poem due to lack of time and concentration, but the others were quicker and enjoyably Great!

  2. I continue to enjoy your butterfly photos. Beautiful dynamic composition! As Lael directs, she reminds me of a bird or a butterfly.

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