The Eye Begins to See

I added a couple of new photo albums to the Gallery today. Of course, all of these photographs are photos I’ve used on this site before, so if you’re a long time user there’s nothing new to see. I’ve actually enjoyed creating these, though, as they’ve given me some new insights into my photography skills.

If you want to see something entirely different, though, I discovered that I was entitled to free web space on my ISP that I wasn’t using. I really haven’t discovered what I want to do there, but I spent some time with Apple’s iWeb and created a photo album over there that consists of hummingbird pictures that I downloaded from aperture onto iPhoto and then directly into an iWeb album. I can’t promise how long it will be there before I delete it and try something new, but it’s there for a little while at least. I’m not sure that I will ever be able to repeat the process, but the album does offer some hummingbird shots that have never appeared here before.

It turns out that my new pictures are often quite a bit better than pictures I originally posted on In a Dark Time. So, if I were making an album today most of the shots would be recent ones, not older ones.

2 thoughts on “The Eye Begins to See”

  1. Don’t toss out the old unless space is an issue. I’m finding now that the photos I published aren’t as interesting as the ones I didn’t from years back.

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