Pathetic, Just Pathetic

I know better, but I can’t help but believe that the weather is plotting against me. I finally got some camera gear I ordered over a month ago, and I’ve been trying to get out birding since Monday. Monday and Tuesday were so dark and drizzly I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get a decent picture even if I saw birds. I figured today would be a good day because I had to wait for the furnace repairman, but thought perhaps I could go birding after he finished. No such luck, it was still overcast and misty, and the latest forecast suddenly called for rain today.

About 1:30, though, the clouds split away and for a moment I thought I was back in Colorado. Of course, it was too late to go birding, which was what I really wanted to do, but at least I could try out the new equipment at Pt. Defiance.

I thought these fuchsias were as red as any I’ve ever seen:

Dark Red Fuchsias

This is a pompom dahlia, which generally aren’t my favorite variety, but this one certainly seemed to radiate the sunshine back today:

Purple Pompom Dahlia

And finally I managed to get a decent shot of these fall crocuses that I’ve tried repeatedly to get a good shot of without little or no luck. They’re really more translucent than even this shot suggests, but I still love the colors:

Fall Crocus

5 thoughts on “Pathetic, Just Pathetic”

  1. Actually, I was trying to be cute in the title and refer to the idea of the Pathetic Fallacy, ascribing human qualities to physical quantities, like the weather, like “the weather’s out to get me.”

    I constantly need to remind myself that no matter how much the weather frustrates my desires, it isn’t doing so consciously. Weather just is what it is, and is indifferent to my wishes. I’m doing the frustrating.

  2. Oh wow … what a riot of colors! Must have been so welcome after all that gray drizzle! Come to think of it, the flowers in your photos seem to be flying — like birds. 🙂

  3. There is a low heavy overcast here. Almost fog but not quite. I love being reminded of the brilliant flowers that bloom in the fall. My favorite today is the fall sunlight on the red fuschias.

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