Rocky Mountain National Park

If I stay healthy long enough, I should manage to see most of Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ve been there several times now, and each time is a new adventure. This time the elk herds had descended down into the accessible areas, and we encountered several Elk Jams, most due to tourists stopping in the middle of the road or on both sides to catch sight of the elk herds.

I’m not sure what would possess someone like this photographer to get between a dominant bull and these two interlopers, but whatever it is it hasn’t possessed me yet:

Photographer with Elk

I was more than content to keep my distance and use my 400mm lens and some cropping to get this picture of the dominant male:

Bull Elk

Actually, I was thrilled when this Blue Jay suddenly flew down while we were walking up the trail to Emerald Lake.

Blue Jay With Pinenut

Heck, I would have been more than happy just to look at the ancient, gnarled trees that have managed to survive at this level

Gnarled Tree

or just to look at rocky mountains being eroded by rushing water.

Looking Up Valley

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  1. Breathtaking. You make me wish I could visit this park, too. Btw the jays here (Ohio) are blue and white for the most part (with some black, but it’s not dominant) and the blue itself is not as bold as this.

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