Nothing’s Really “Free” Is It?

Here’s one of the main reasons I haven’t added Google ads to my site in order to offset the price of producing this site. And why I’m still considering inconveniencing my readers by putting out an abbreviated RSS feed.

I was reading an email from The Sierra Club that included this

Quote of Note:

“Prophesies of a new wave of coal-fired generation have vaporized, while clean coal technologies… remain a decade away, or more.”

 — Citigroup coal analysts report downgrading stocks of coal companies across the board, as reported in the Washington Post

Meanwhile the first Google ad next to the email contained a link to a site called Global Warming Facts, a part of The Heartland Institute, though the content on the site indicated that the the people running it don’t have clue about the difference between a “fact” and an “opinion,” an unsound, unsubstantiated opinion at that.

It didn’t take too much research , thanks to Google, to discover that a major contributor to the Heartland Institute was Exxon.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not paying too high of a price for my FREE Gmail account.

4 thoughts on “Nothing’s Really “Free” Is It?”

  1. Is gmail from Google? There is way too much opinion masquerading as fact and way too many people who seem to have lost all notion of integrity, even the desire for it.

  2. I agree about Google ads. I had them on my site for awhile but every time I wrote about my dog, who is a pit bull, I got ads for pit bull breeders. I am not against breeding per se but I have no idea whether these breeders are responsible breeders or those who are breeding “aggressive” pit bulls for fighting and I didn’t want to be promoting breeding anyway since there are so many dogs needing to be rescued. I looked into it to see if I could block any specific types of ads and couldn’t find a way so I deleted Ad Sense from my blog. I wasn’t making anything on it anyway! 😉

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