A Bowl of Sunlight

It was another typical Northwest Spring day here, brief showers followed by short spells of brilliant sunshine.

I was captivated by the light striking several small tulips in the front yard that seemed to hold it, translucent, glowing, radiant.

It was the kind of light a photographer might spend his life trying to capture, and I spent much of the afternoon trying to do so with a variety of lenses from varying distances and varying angles.

Needless to say, I never captured it. Despite spending another few hours tweaking photos in Photoshop, I was unable to capture the translucence that had so captivated me.

Despite our best efforts, such beauty seems fleeting, though it’s memory may haunt us for a lifetime.

4 replies on “A Bowl of Sunlight”

My friend John (google john s flannery and look at his stuff) says that he thinks “If I don’t take the picture, then who will?”. He does, is seldom entirely pleased (tho others find them beautiful) but he shares what he’s seen with others. I ascribe to this philosophy, too. This is a superb communication of “tulip”. You know “we have all …fallen short of the mark”. The thing is to try, and keep trying, to make that mark. Well done.