Back to Weyerhaeyser Rhododendron and Bonsai Garden

I’m beginning to think that the unsettled weather we’ve been having this year is caused by my friend bob, a visiting photographer from Massachusetts who’s been complaining about the lack of sunshine and how that’s making good photographs hard to come by. As if to prove his point, we headed out for the Weyerhaeuser Rhododendron and Bonsai Garden in full sunshine, but by the time we got there, a mere 30 minutes away, the clouds had completely blocked the sun.

But who needs sunshine when you’ve got a brilliant yellow Rhodie, which seemed to provide its own sunshine

an unusual Rhodie like this

and a delicate pink Schlippenbachii found from Korea to China.

As I told Bob, when you have waves of color like this you really don’t need much sunshine to get beautiful pictures.

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