Could This Be Spring?

With rain forecast the rest of the week, I wasn’t about to sit inside on a sunny day reading Jeffers on nature when I could experience it myself. As it turned out, I didn’t see much at Nisqually I hadn’t already seen Sunday at Belfair but had a glorious time, none the less.

Here’s what a Gold-Crowned Sparrow looks in full breeding colors. Notice the dark black stripes on the head, missing in yesterday’s shot:

I also saw a lot more of this plant budding than I did the day before, and today I was actually carry a regular lens in addition to my 400mm birding lens. I may not know what the plant is, but it certainly seemed to Spring forth in celebration of the growing light.

I even saw my first butterfly of the season, and nothing says summer quite as loudly as the beating wings of a butterfly.

Of course, I may be deluding myself —as I often do— because despite the warm temperatures and blue skies shouting Spring, most of the foliage seemed unwilling to awaken from its winter slumber.

6 thoughts on “Could This Be Spring?”

  1. Great shot of the mountain from the Delta. I like the distance, reminds us in the NW we can often establish our place in relation to this mt.

  2. Ah, the mountain is out. I always picture it in my mind from red square, right in front of Suzzalo. Here’s to spring — time to celebrate!

  3. Thanks so much for the signs of spring photos! So good to see a butterfly. Today I was in a meeting, looked out the window, and noticed white flowers covering a tree that was bare last week. Even the rain feels like spring rain.

  4. I love your photos! My favorite is the plant with the dangling flowers. Until I saw the flowers, I thought, that’s magnolia. But of course it isn’t, is it? Is photography how you make a living or is it a hobby? What is the delicate blue flower down the left side of the page?

  5. Photography is just a hobby, though I taught yearbook and photography for several years in a high school.

    The blue flowers in one of the backgrounds, there are actually two or three different backgrounds, are a closeup of a hydrangea.

    I’m really not sure what that dangling flower is, though it’s a native plant and one of the first to leaf out and bloom around here. I was hoping a local reader might actually identify it for me.

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