Sunday at Belfair

Despite the emerging crocus in the front garden, it’s not quite spring here in the Pacific Northwest. Our low temperatures here and heavy snowfall in the mountains Thursday inspired us to go cross country skiing Saturday, but we were met with a steady rainfall when we actually got up to the ski area. Needless to say, we turned around and came home just in time to watch the Huskies defeat UCLA.

When it appeared somewhat sunnier this morning, we headed out to Belfair, determined to get some exercise this weekend. When we got there, Leslie was shocked to see that all of last year’s grass and reeds had been knocked flat. Still, there were signs that winter is gradually fading, both in the emerging green vegetation and in the return of the Red Wing Blackbirds.

Although it was impossible to ignore the male’s calls, I found it equally impossible to ignore this bold little lass who refused to be intimidated by my 400 mm lens, though it’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot of one once they’ve built their nest.

We were also greeted by flocks of bold Golden-Crowned Sparrows:

Most of the birds we saw were sporting muted colors, though a few like this male Green-Winged Teal seemed willing to break out enough colors to attract females:

2 thoughts on “Sunday at Belfair”

  1. How serendiptious that you’d put up such a great picture of a female red-winged blackbird just one day after I asked a photographer friend if he had any shots of them! This is wonderful, and thanks for the strolling duck and the heraldic crocus, too.

  2. I live here in Belfair. Your pictures are amazing and inspiring. I have just began photography, and your photgraphs remind me just how beautiful my own surroundings are without leaving my own backyard. Thank you.

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