Another One that Got Away

Since Leslie didn’t have to work Friday, we headed out to Northwest Trek.

It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day and I hoped to get some great shots of the animals but was quite disappointed by the actual shots I ended up with.

Much of the park is set in deep woods, so I had problems with high contrast. I was constantly adjusting the camera’s ISO back and forth between 1600 and 100, but managed to forget to reset it for several shots that might otherwise have been good.

The biggest problem was sunlight filtering down between leaves or between trees. In many of these shots, large areas are pure white, as the camera couldn’t cope with the high contrast. In other shots, of course, some areas are just plain black, with an equal loss of details. I expected much better shots than I actually got.

That said, I would have been ecstatic if had ever managed to get a shot of this wolverine:

or this pack of wolves interacting with each other

in the wild.

Sometimes we just have to let go of our personal expectations and enjoy what he have done rather than bemoaning what we haven’t done.

5 thoughts on “Another One that Got Away”

  1. Wow, those photos are something else. I chuckled a bit about what you said about the disappointing photos. I once wrote a short story in which one of the main characters was obsessed with his camera and perfection. The epiphany of the story involved his accepting something less than perfection for the sake of love.

  2. Take my word for it, Harry,the best shots, except for the under and overexposure, are sitting on my hard drive, unused. There was a delightful pose by a Porcupine that I worked hours on but couldn’t manage to fill in the washed out areas satisfactorily. The bull elk was also magnificent, but the photograph wasn’t.

  3. Happy happy head-biting shoulder-nudging wolf family. They look much closer to coyotes than I would have expected, with all the reddish coloring.

    Lovely photos, as always.

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