Fifth Anniversary

Today is the fifth anniversary of this blog, though looking back at the first entry it‘s hard to see many similarities.

I started on Blogger without comments or trackback. I knew nothing about HTML. Didn’t know how to include a single photo for a year or so.

Of course, I still don’t know very much about HTML, though I can manage to use BBEdit, even Dreamweaver, if need be, and have learned much about FTP’ing.

Still, if it wasn’t for the magic of technical geniuses like Shelley Powers and others, I’m sure I would have long ago lost interest in this site.

If I’d done so, I suspect my life would be much less interesting, and I would have lost the opportunity of making virtual friends with people from around the world and real friends here in Tacoma.

On a more depressing note, I notice that no one in the government has paid the least attention to my political ravings, and the world doesn’t appear any safer now then it did then. I’m afraid the Bush administration didn’t learn a thing from the dark times the country has gone through and certainly hasn’t managed to make Afghanistan or Iraq a better place than it was before.

Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.

Still, I think I would think less of myself if I didn’t do my best to create the kind of world that I would want to live in for my children and grandchildren.

I like to delude myself into believing that I’m making the world a better place than it would otherwise be, and, happily, many nice readers have helped me to cling to that illusion.