An Unexpected Greeting

Upon visiting the Rose Garden today I was greeted by locked gates and this sign. It reminded me why I don’t grow roses, or anything else that can’t survive with minimal care and an extra dose of water. Do you think it might explain why my small garden has more butterflies than the Rose Garden?

I was disappointed by the closure but not so disappointed that I didn’t visit the nearby Japanese garden, where the pond seemed even more beautiful than usual.

It turned out that the groundskeepers were merely waiting for the pesticides to dry. Do you think all the bees and wasps waited until they dried, too? Or will this turn into a modern-day equivalent of Rappaccinni’s Garden, producing mutant insects?

I could’ve sworn I used a photo exactly like this in my blog last year. If so, I certainly couldn’t find it in August or September’s entries.

Oh well, as I’ve been discovering in my musical studies, beautiful notes bear repeating,