My Apologies

I’ve been somewhat remiss in reading poetry this week, though I have a couple of works awaiting my attention. Last week’s garden work still calls, it’s been exceptionally beautiful here, it’s Spring Break for school kids, and, despite the fact that I don’t teach anymore it still seems wrong to be reading over Spring break.

So, I spent the day walking Nisqually again, where I saw lots of things I’ve seen before, but also a number of new sights. For instance, when I revisted the Great Horned Owl nest I found that mother’s place had been claimed by this fuzzy little guy:

The most notable change, though was the return of the Wood Ducks, who could be seen in a number of areas:

And though I’ve noticed a considerable amount of scat in the past, I finally got a glimpse of my first live coyote:

However, I spent the most time watching these Horned Grebes:

and admiring their beautiful breeding colors. I still find it amazing that this is the same bird that I showed in an earlier entry.

I must admit, though, that my day ended on a slightly sour note when I read in the log that two Red Throated Loons had been spotted, and I had managed to miss them entirely, despite driving long distances recently in search of them.

6 thoughts on “My Apologies”

  1. That top photo is somewhat of a puzzle, like Where’s Waldo? They are all beautiful, esepcially the wood duck.

  2. It does blend in well, doesn’t it?

    Its mommy (or daddy) was nearly invisible sitting in the next tree over. I don’t think most people even saw her.

    I wonder how I ever grew as old as I am without seeing such a beautiful duck.

  3. You got a picture of a baby owl. Okay, 2 points to Loren.

    The wood duck is pretty, isn’t it? They’re quite common here, and I’ve been lucky to get some nice photos. The male is much shyer than the female.

    These are lovely photos Loren. I can wait to visit this place in the next year.

  4. I’m looking forward to taking you on a guided tour of Nisqually, Shelley.

    It’s a delightful experience almost anytime of the year.

  5. The beauty of nature’s design is ever present, if we are patient enough to be still and observe we are always rewarded. Grey on grey, warms the heart to see the owl warming itself in the sun, camouflaged from predators, within reach of its protectors. …enjoy your photographs.

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