My Apologies

I’ve been somewhat remiss in reading poetry this week, though I have a couple of works awaiting my attention. Last week’s garden work still calls, it’s been exceptionally beautiful here, it’s Spring Break for school kids, and, despite the fact that I don’t teach anymore it still seems wrong to be reading over Spring break.

So, I spent the day walking Nisqually again, where I saw lots of things I’ve seen before, but also a number of new sights. For instance, when I revisted the Great Horned Owl nest I found that mother’s place had been claimed by this fuzzy little guy:

The most notable change, though was the return of the Wood Ducks, who could be seen in a number of areas:

And though I’ve noticed a considerable amount of scat in the past, I finally got a glimpse of my first live coyote:

However, I spent the most time watching these Horned Grebes:

and admiring their beautiful breeding colors. I still find it amazing that this is the same bird that I showed in an earlier entry.

I must admit, though, that my day ended on a slightly sour note when I read in the log that two Red Throated Loons had been spotted, and I had managed to miss them entirely, despite driving long distances recently in search of them.