8 thoughts on “Twenty Four Days of Straight Rain”

  1. This is a photograph taken before the latest clouds moved in, a partially sunny day.

    It was manipulated, several times as it were because I’ve had lots of time on the computer while avoiding the rain. The major effect is one called “Rough Pastels,” which tends to blur the photograph I just sharpened, but in an artistic way, of course.

  2. You should have colored it with a little bit of green algae. At least there was a moment of sunshine today in between the torrential downpours…

  3. That did cross my mind mind after I published it, Harry.

    I figured I’d know if you read the page today. I even thought I’d put a link to your little episode at Kudzu but wasn’t sure I wanted to be that cruel. But after Harry gave me permission I have to link to Harry’s trials with a persistent Heron at http://www.kudzufiles.com/archives/000737.html
    Actually, I was stalling because I hadn’t finished reading Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn in time to get an entry up.

  4. If only we could share the weather! If you could send some desperately-needed precipitation south by southeast down to New Mexico, I swear I’d be willing to write you a check. A rain check, perhaps.

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