A Little Sunshine

The Puget Sound area finally ended a 27 day rainy streak, and yesterday afternoon was even sunny for an hour or two.

Leslie and I headed for the Pt. Defiance beach as soon as she got home from the mall. I grabbed my Canon and 400mm lens as we headed out the door, knowing that as low as the sun is on the horizon this time of year I wouldn’t have much time left tot take photos, no matter how bright the skies seemed.

Of course there were far more people than birds as everyone who felt trapped inside wanted outside. As little sunshine as we get here in the winter, Northwesterners have learned to take advantage of it when it is here, especially on a weekend.

Though I had a delightful walk in the cool, crisp air, I only got five pictures and most of them were underexposed.

After a few Photoshop adjustments this picture of two Barrow’s Goldeneye females seems to convey my memory of the walk, though not exactly what my camera captured: