Just Another Sunday

Sunday began with breakfast with a local poet where we discussed Billy Collin’s poetry and, after a walk through Wright Park, agreed to re-read the Tao Teh Ching for our next breakfast.

Still, it proved a rather unremarkable day. Unable to agree on a movie, Leslie and I settled for a short trip to Belfair, despite the cool, overcast weather.

Though it was a pleasant enough three and half mile walk, we did not see a single new bird or animal and had to settle for:

a fleeing muskrat

just another cormorant on a log

more Canadian Geese landing

a Northern Harrier perched on a distant fence pole

yet another glimpse of a Great Blue Heron in a slough.

9 thoughts on “Just Another Sunday”

  1. I’m just a lurker at your weblog, but what did you talk about, with regard to Billy Collins’ poetry?

  2. I’ve only read about half of Collin’s Selected Poemsand haven’t tried ot analyze any poem in any real depth, so I’m not ready to form a final opinion yet, but both of us found it difficult to get engaged with his poetry.

    I “liked” several poems but doubt that there were any I’ll remember a month or two from now. My friend liked him even less, despite the warm recommendation from a friend who’s probably a better poet than either of us.

    As soon as I finish Kizer’s collection, I”ll devote more time to Collins and have an entry or two here.

  3. Actually, I was poking fun at myself, and how easy it is to become jaded and constantly want something “new,” something you’ve never had before, when what you already have is miraculous in itself.

    I guess I’ll have to find a better way to convey the idea.

  4. I don’t see Billy Collins listed among the poets discussed on this site. What are your thoughts? I’ve enjoyed his writing and it’s refreshing to question the standards by which I judge “great” writing. Will you share, too, what the disagreement was over a choice of movies? The last film I watched was King of the Corner which failed to engage me. I find myself unforgiving of moral failings of characters I’m supposed to empathize with. The character in Sideways lost me when he took money from his mother’s dresser.

  5. I especially enjoyed how you were poking fun at yourself and the way you conveyed your idea.

    My own favourite Billy Collins poem is
    Introduction to Poetry. Is it included in the collection?

  6. Yes, Wenda, that’s one of the first poems I have marked to look back at when I actually start reviewing what I’ve read.

    As I said, Tom, I’ll share some views on Collins as soon as I’ve finished the book, had time to look back at the poems I like best, and generally consider what I’ve read.

    No one wants to use me as a movie source. I generally no longer have much interest in films, despite, or perhaps, because I spend nearly a year of college studing film appreciation and film making.

    I prefer “small films” with “real” people, and those kinds of films seem to have gone out of style. I guess teen boys don’t want to take their girl friend to them on Friday or Saturday night.

    Go read Five Branch Tree for movie reviews.

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