Making Every Hour Count

Last Thursday Skye and I braved the Pacific Northwest rain and managed to get in a short walk before heading back to the warm, dry comfort of my den. I decided it would be a good day to spend trying to archive my photos and clean up my overburdened second hard drive.

At four in the afternoon, though, there was a sudden clearing, and I decided I needed a longer walk, so I headed down to Pt Defiance’s beach. The beach was virtually abandoned because of the rain, but I spent an eventful hour there. It began by spotting these Bald Eagles on a tree above the cliff.

I started to climb the cliff to try to get a better shot of it but thought better of it when I discovered the steep trail was covered in wet leaves .

Luckily I didn’t, because I would have missed this shot of what appears to be a Clark’s Grebe:

my chance to play hide-and-seek with this Kingfisher for the next half hour as he figured out how to stay exactly half the distance of a the boathouse from me and my camera, no matter where I went:

and, finally, this close up of a Giant Blue Heron. I was so close to him that I had to back up in order to get him all in the frame, and he was so intent on the fish within the tank that he totally ignored me the entire time I was there:

Heck, and I didn’t even show you the picture of the harbor seal or the cormorant that came up during the hour and a half I was at the beach.

I’ve walked the shores of Puget Sound for many years without ever seeing as much as I’ve seen in the last three months. It seems the more you open yourself to nature’s wonders the more you see.