The Biggest Land Grab of All

You probably think with all these pictures of colorful flowers, followed by fabulous birds I’ve been focusing on lately that I’ve gone all Pollyanna-like in my old age, the final step before my final dotage.

You’d be wrong. I’m painfully aware Republicans have come up with yet another way of ripping off the American people and the environment while stuffing the pockets of big business.

Here’s a truthout editorial on the latest land grab by Republicans though I first learned about it from organizations as diverse as Oxfam and Westerners for Responsible Mining. You can also read more about it here. Or here, under my favorite headline on the matter, Public Lands, Mine All Mine

Needless to say it’s not presented as a bill on its own, but, rather, like the dropped attempt to drill in the Arctic Refuge, is included in the House Budget bill, that way Congressional representatives can deny that they would ever vote for such a thing, while doing so.

If you have Republican legislator and you’re at all concerned about the environment, you need to contact them and tell them to get this amendment out of the budget bill before they vote for it. Of course, the easiest way to contact them is to go here. and click on the link saying Tell Your Representative!