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You may have noticed my lack of political activity here lately, since there seems to be little to be done in terms of elections, but I have been active in my support of environmental organizations.

Mostly I’ve been donating money to various organizations, particularly local ones, but I’ve also continued to use services like Defenders of Wildlife or Environmental Defense to let my legislators know that I support strong environmental action.

The hardest part of this is simply keeping track of which actions I’ve already participated in, since I get emails from other organizations, too.

I realize that legislators don’t take these kind of actions as seriously as phone calls or regular written mail, but I try to personalize most of emails I send rather than merely pushing a button. I also try to limit my comments so that my legislators don’t think I’m some kind of crank who has nothing better to do than write letters to them.

Still, I assume any action is preferable to no action.

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  1. An article published in today’s New York Times by Michael Janofsky : When Cleaner Air Is a Biblical Obligation
    An outrageous comment was buried deep in the text that I found very revealing. It is one thing for Senator James Inhofe (Oklahoma Republican) who is chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to call human activities contributing to global warming “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” but when Inhofe, an evangelical Christian, says that the National Evangelical Association has been “led down a liberal path” by environmentalists and others who have convinced the group that issues like poverty and the environment are worth their efforts, it becomes obvious his “religion” is agenda driven. “Worth their efforts?” If there is one clear theme of the gospels, it is the centrality of the issue of poverty. And it is all but impossible to miss the Creation Care motif in Genesis.

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