Back to Belfair

We’ve been busy entertaining company from California, so I haven’t had time to finish Elizabeth Bishop The Complete Poems yet.

I did take our guests to Belfair today, and though there were remarkably few birds, I did manage to get a few shots I was happy with.

First, I managed to get a decent shot of a Spotted Towhee, a bird I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get a picture of for quite awhile:

My recent pursuit of the elusive Belted Kingfisher continued today, as one met us nearly at the start of the hike and proceeded to streak up and down the river for the next two hours, all the time refusing to sit in one spot long enough for me to get a good shot of it. Still, I think this shot is by far the best I’ve gotten so far:

Since I’m seeing these guys everywhere now, I’m convinced that I will manage to get a great shot one of these days, probably when I’m least expecting it. As I said today, waiting for that perfect shot of one should keep me going for a while.

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  1. Hi,

    I found a Steven Wallace poem on your blog while searching it on the web. I posted it on my blog ( and added a link to your blog.

    I wasnt too sure if I should have asked, anyway let me know if you mind.


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