More Missed Shots

Today was a day of missed shots. While walking Skye early this morning the jays seemed unusually upset, which made me suspect it wasn’t us that they were telling the world about. Sure enough, I soon spotted a beautiful coyote emerging from the woods to watch us as we headed up the hill away from us. Naturally I didn’t have my camera with me.

Most of the pictures I did manage to get today were taken at the zoo, where the animals have no choice but to stay put. Here’s one of my favorites:

though I also like this shot of the zoo’s tiger, which looks even more striking full size:

Probably my favorite shot of the day, though, was this shot taken at the beach of a cormorant eating a rather large bottom fish he’d just caught:

It’s hard enough to just get a decent cormorant shot, much less one of a cormorant with a freshly-caught fish in its mouth.

I missed another shot of a Pileated Woodpecker because there wasn’t enough light in the deep woods to take a decent picture. To cap the day off, I missed a picture of two falcons fighting right outside my den window because I had my camera battery charging.