Belated Happy Anniversaries

I’m not very good with birthdays or anniversaries, even my own, as I just realized today that I’d missed this blog’s 4th Anniversary, having published my first article September 21, 2001.

I really don’t mind missing my own anniversary, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention wood s lot’s‘s fifth anniversary has just passed.

If you look over there on the left column on this blog you’ll notice that wood s lot is at the top of my list, that’s because the blogs that first linked to me are listed at the top of their respective lists. If I remember clearly, Wood s Lot, Riley Dog, and Whiskey River were the first blogs I linked to and that linked to me. They actually inspired me to start my own blog on Blogger.

I had almost given up on the internet to provide valuable information until I started following links provided by Wood s Lot. I’ve never stopped reading it since. I’m especially happy with something I’ve written if Mark links to it.

If you’ve missed any of those three great web sites, you’re missing much of what makes the web the invaluable resource that it has become.

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