Tiger’s Great

Like many of the people I visit regularly, I sprung for Tiger simply because I’m hooked on Macs. Though I can still buy at the educator’s discount because I’m a retired teacher, I think Tiger might have been worth the full amount this time.

So far, my favorite addition has been the ability of Safari to automatically discover RSS feeds for sites. It’s discovered at least ten or fifteen feeds that I couldn’t discover before; not only does it discover RSS feeds but it automatically adds them to NetNewsWire. I love it.

Another seldom-mentioned feature I love is the addition of the Oxford Dictionary at a system level, meaning that you can automatically look up any word you discover on a web site by selecting the text and clicking while holding down the control key. If the dictionary can’t find the word, you also have the ability to search Google using the same key commands.

While I’m not as impressed with Spotlight as some are, it has proven helpful in some of the searches I’ve conducted in trying to explore all the possibilities of Tiger.

Finally, “smart” mailboxes have proven to be real time saver while using Mail. I’ve only set up a few new mailboxes, but they have proven helpful in finding what I want to find in the shortest amount of time possible.

3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Great”

  1. If I have to ask what Tiger and Spotlight are, I guess I’m somewhat like the man they meant when they said about buying yachts, “If you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford one.” But, anyway, I don’t know them.

  2. Tiger is the code name for Apple’s new operating system, Ron.

    I guess there’s been so much hype about it that I forgot it’s meaningless to 97% of the world, but it’s still superior to windows.

    “Spotlight” is a new kind of search built into OS 10.4

  3. Oh, I am *so* looking forward to this PC needing to be replaced. Then it’ll be n Apple. Every now and again I go into a shop and stroke one.

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