New Look

Hopefully you like the new look here at In a Dark Time, though I’m sure the look has much more to do with the second half of Roethke’s poem than the first half.

The layout, and Wordform itself, comes from Shelley Powers, aka Burningbird, but I had lots of input on the design of the site and the photographs all came from my ride home from Denver earlier this week. So, despite some trying times with my photographs, I did manage to get a few photos that I liked.

I still have quite a bit of fine tuning that I put off until I could convince Shelley to allow me to use her version of WordPress. I’m hoping that using her program slows down, or ends, the tremendous amount of spamming I got on my old site. I understand that those who haven’t commented before will not be posted directly until I’ve had a chance to look at the comment, but it was either that or get rid of comments entirely, and comments are one of the things that keep me writing here.