I Hate Paypal

It’s nice to know that Paypal is trying to protect my account and my credit card number, but these people are technological IDIOT SAVANTS!!

Yes, they’re smart enough to know I’ve changed my email account, duh. Hasn’t everybody who used ATT changed their account? Yes, they’re smart enough to let me change my email account, IF they can call and verify the change.

They’re even smart enough to know that my VISA account number goes with an old email address and phone number.

Apparently, though, they’re not smart enough to know that people MOVE, and when they move they often change their internet provider and their phone number. SHOCKING!!!

I wanted to buy a simple five dollar chapbook recommended by Ron Sillman today, but, after spending a half hour trying to purchase it through Paypal I’ve decided I already have enough poetry books.

In order to update my PayEnemy account I apparently have to gather up several documents I no longer have and fax them to them so they can send me update information via snail mail. FAX?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to check with my VISA card provider and find out I’d moved? How hard could that be? How long could that take? Nobody else seems to have a problem doing that. Do you think they might list a phone number somewhere obvious so you could talk to a real person?

Like I said, IDIOT SAVANTS, call them PayEnemy.

Don’t let your friends use Paypal. Suggest KAGI, instead.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Paypal”

  1. I’m not sure what’s happening with your
    Paypal account. But I got an email
    from someone faking an email from
    Paypal, telling me someone had broken
    into my account and to send them info.
    I called Paypal and found out the whole
    thing was fake. These were people involved
    with identity theft attempting to get information
    about me. If you have any questions, call Paypal.
    I asked Paypal why they include the Paypal
    telephone number and they said it was in order
    to appear legitimate. I hope this isn’t happening
    to you but thought you ought to know about
    this fraud going around. I was suspicious because
    I never thought the whole Paypal thing sounded
    like a good idea.

  2. Here’s my Paypal experience. First there was a never-explained charge to my account, then an insane round of trying to prove that it was my account. Because I cancelled the credit card I used to set up the account (because of the unexplained charge by Paypal), I had to fax in documents, which I did. They never did provide me a way to access my account with them. Never again, no more will I even think about opening another account, and I hope that the account I closed is actually closed, not floating out there somewhere because I couldn’t get back in to close it.

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