Did I tell you that I just received the newest upgrade to Photoshop, Photoshop CS2, and that I might be more addicted right now than I have been recently, which is a scary thought, even to me?

I also just made reservations to go to Broomfield CO from the 17th to the 24th next month, which led to a sudden burst of grandchildren pictures.

Here’s the one I got originally:

And here’s what it ended up looking like because I couldn’t resist working on it with Photoshop CS2:

Looks like I’d better start working on my balloon blowing skills because it looks like we might be moving up from bubble blowing. Anybody know if you can get that famous French movie about the balloon on DVD?

This one was too cute to need many changes

but I did have to apply one of my favorite newly-discovered filters, Lens Blur, in order to give that cute little face the attention it deserved. Did I mention that May will be the first time I’ve gotten the chance to see this granddaughter?

4 thoughts on “Addicted”

  1. Loren,
    Great Pics. Have you also tried working with Google’s Picasa 2?

    Your rose and spider took me back to what I wrote a year back, while I was tracking the Sakura Trail in Japan, April 2004.

    Summer Smiles :(04/04)

    Only yesterday they bloomed in all their colors
    Blues,greens,reds and yellows,violets and vermilions
    Riots of Rainbows.
    from dawns to dusks.

    Now as I walk
    Trees dare to uncover bare tusks
    thorns raise their heads, as if rising from the deads
    Greens drip from the yellow crown
    Rapidly unrolling carpets brown,

    I walk in slower strides
    To watch the Sun sink
    in its own anger to drown

    Three Hundred and Thirty Three Drownings
    All it takes to Blossom all
    Yet again
    I walk counting my steps.

    Summer smiles !

  2. The trouble is that I don’t remember his cheeks being nearly as red as they showed up in that particular photograph, Fiona, nor was his face that red overall.

    Of course, you can take the redness out of one part and leave in it another part with masks but I was trying to make it look as much like he really looks as possible, or at least as much as I remember him looking 6 months ago when I saw him last. I’ll check next month when I see him again.

  3. I suppose there’s a fine line between making something more like it ‘is’ and making it more like it ‘should be’ – and as he’s your grandson you’ll be going for the former! V cute in both photos anyway.

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