Did I tell you that I just received the newest upgrade to Photoshop, Photoshop CS2, and that I might be more addicted right now than I have been recently, which is a scary thought, even to me?

I also just made reservations to go to Broomfield CO from the 17th to the 24th next month, which led to a sudden burst of grandchildren pictures.

Here’s the one I got originally:

And here’s what it ended up looking like because I couldn’t resist working on it with Photoshop CS2:

Looks like I’d better start working on my balloon blowing skills because it looks like we might be moving up from bubble blowing. Anybody know if you can get that famous French movie about the balloon on DVD?

This one was too cute to need many changes

but I did have to apply one of my favorite newly-discovered filters, Lens Blur, in order to give that cute little face the attention it deserved. Did I mention that May will be the first time I’ve gotten the chance to see this granddaughter?