5 thoughts on “This Delicate Beauty”

  1. I like this one for the beauty of the flowers themselves, but also for the way you have captured (or created) them and for the poignancy of the poetry,the delicate beauty, the shadows and the lime-like green all perfectly represented in words and image. Then, from the depth psychology perspective, I like the suggestion, too.

  2. Thanks.

    I love rhododendrons, especially because they grow hidden away in the forests here in the NW. While I admire the showier ones, too, these delicate pink ones probably remain my favorite.

    Of course, I was probably partially inspired by Wordsworth’s famous poem, though he expressed the idea rather differently.

    Learning how to use masks and the lens blur filter in Photoshop has helped me show more clearly what I wanted to say when I took the original picture.

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