7 thoughts on “Indian Paintbrush”

  1. Heh, I’m tired of living inside the boundaries.

    Sometimes you’ve just got to go outside the box.

    I envision a chinese inscriptional at the bottom of the picture.

  2. I think it’s



    They are all real pictures of real Indian Paintbrush taken on the same day just blended together into one image.

  3. I write a tired mid-life ” in the mean time ” type of note to my pal this morning and am caught for a phrase about the price exacted by life, and Lady Lazarus and her very large charge due to the peanut crunching hordes, comes to mind. So I Google, as you do, and end up in this very pleasant dark time. You know it wrecks my head that these geniusesssss didn’t have the foresight to know that lazy heures like myself wouldn’t have time to research context. One of the Romantics said that poetry is pleasurable in sound independent of it’s meaning. Sylvia Plath’s Lady Lazarus is too, to me anyway. The sound of the very large charge stays close and in quieter moments floats into a tranquil rhythm as I walk. I wonder did she mean this to happen, is the tranquillity part of her state of mind. She seems reconciled that after the deed there is something owed to the witness. It occurs to me now, that even in this uncovering, she also portrays herself as a victim, viewed as an object of curiosity. Maybe she listened the rhythm too much and never questioned the sequencing and her place in the beat.

    Thanks for listening

  4. You’re welcome, Mike.

    It was nice hearing from you, and, yes, I know from the Google searches that the title of this blog often leads people here who are looking for something very different.

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