Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Despite the fact that it’s been a particularly tough year for the Seattle Mariners, already trailing the division leaders by 12 1/2 games, we (or perhaps, I) decided that we needed to get out and support them when we recently watched a televised game with a half-full stadium, a relatively rare phenomena here in the Northwest in the last few years.

So, today after a short drive to Seattle we ended up at:

and spent a rather delightful day watching

and Brett Boone lead the Mariners to a 8-1 victory over Montreal and complete their first series sweep of the season.

I’m not sure that this is really a sign of better things to come, but at least I feel better knowing that I supported the team, winning or not.

Now I can go back to the relative comfort of watching them on television at home and retreating to the comfort of my computer when I get disgusted with their inability to produce run even after a pitcher has pitched eight innings of shut-out baseball.

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