The Nature Within Us

When I heard that Dawn hadn’t visited the Rhododendron Garden lately, I told her the flowers were at their peak and she needed to see them soon. So, today Dawn, Lael, and I visited the gardens.

Though I doubt that this is the Garden of Eden that the Bible had in mind, there is something magical about this beautiful garden set in an old-growth forest:

And as if our trip to this new Eden wasn’t special enough, on the way home we caught a glimpse of the doe and her fawns I’ve seen since we moved here last fall – and this time, for a change, I had my camera with me.

I could almost believe the doe finally allowed me this one picture of her fawns because we had had Lael with us today:

We reach out
only to touch
the nature within

2 thoughts on “The Nature Within Us”

  1. It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten how pretty the Northwest is.

    Did Lael appreciate the fawns?

  2. Lael better not be appreciating the fawns until she appreciates her grandpa !! or at least recognizes him.

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