A New Axis of Evil ?

Does the kind of behavior described in the Guardian’s story“US military in torture scandal” mean that the United States of America will now be included in Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil?” If not, why not?

What started as merely a story of a few rogue military members takes on darker elements when you read:

“It’s insanity,” said Robert Baer, a former CIA agent, who has examined the case, and is concerned about the private contractors’ free-ranging role. “These are rank amateurs and there is no legally binding law on these guys as far as I could tell. Why did they let them in the prison?”

I was already amazed at how extensively civilian firms were used in Iraq, but it’s hard to believe that they were actually put in charge of prisoners and were allowed to give orders to soldiers. Worst of all, apparently they can’t be held accountable for their actions if one of them can rape an Iraqi prisoner and the military can’t hold him accountable.