Back on Line

I just noticed my last entry has disappeared from the main page, so I felt compelled to post a short notice letting people know that I haven’t disappeared in the middle of the move and will be back on line shortly, at least as soon as I’m able to find the poetry books still stacked in boxes in the garage.

We’re having a little trouble downsizing from 2,200 square feet to 1,600 square feet and moving from a rather large double garage to a rather small double garage.

Boxes crowd otherwise empty rooms, and modular furniture lays around like a discarded erector set, waiting to be reshaped to fit strange new shapes and locations.

Though we don’t have a phone yet, except for our much-used cell phones, the cable modem was installed late Monday and the computer room is nearly usable, though it desperately needs to be picked up and odds and ends put away.

I spent most of yesterday at Sears ordering a storage shed to hold garden tools and buying a portable cart to house at least some of my woodwooking tools.

Somehow it doesn’t feel quite right spending the day reading poetry and writing blog entries until the house is settled in and I can find all the utensils needed to cook a meal. Eating out’s fine, but I think I still prefer home-cooked meals.

5 thoughts on “Back on Line”

  1. Good to see you settling in, Loren. Please drop a line when you have a spare moment, so I’ll have the updated email addy.

    I know all about squeezing into a smaller space; I still have closets crammed with boxes from my last move 14 months ago!

    Btw, we just welcomed a new member, Rouzbeh Parsi of Persian Garden, who will be adding to our WorldView section, with his perspectives about Iran. Rouzbeh works in the physics dept at UCLA.

    Here’s hoping your kitchen is unpacked soon, as you’re right; there’s few things better than a home-cooked meal.

  2. Pleased to learn that the move was accomplished successfully. Also impressed to see you have your priorities straight: the computer room is definitely more important than the kitchen.

    Looking forward to reading that all (or at least most of) the boxes are unpacked, the furniture is assembled, the books are shelved, and you’re eating home cooked meals. After that, reading a poetry book or two and writing the odd weblog post should be a doddle.

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