Moving On

Things are finally hitting high gear hear. In fact, they might well have just passed this old guy who’s struggling to keep up.

The Vancouver home closed Friday, and, with any luck at all, the Tacoma home will close on Monday and we’ll start moving in Monday afternoon. I’ve been told that closing my loan in less than 15 days through Coldwell Banker is actually rather sensational, so I guess I owe a real thank you to Jennifer Clarke who handled the loan for me at their headquarters. Communicating through email has been a real blessing for me, as it allowed me to keep a constant record of all the issues floating around.

The cell phone I recently acquired before my trip to Colorado has also proved invaluable, allowing me to keep in touch with my real estate agent here in Vancouver, and, more importantly, with Jean Ramey, my Coldwell Banker agent in Tacoma, a real blessing who has helped walk me through my real estate negotiations. Thank goodness for her patience as we sought something we could both live with in Tacoma.

I’ve had all my good-bye parties in Vancouver, even though I plan on returning regularly, but I’m still saying goodbye to my home of the last 17 years here in Vancouver, trying desperately to finish up a lot of the small projects I’ve been planning for years. We INTP’s hate to have our “plans” disturbed by reality, and I’m finding it difficult to accept that many of my plans for this home witll never come to fruition. The harsh reality seems to be that it is nearly impossible to ever truly finish anything. Unfortunately, it some ways moving reminds me of my earlier divorce. There’s simply too many feelings left over with no place to go.

I’m obviously not going to be updating this site for awhile, though how long awhile I’m not sure. Once I actually gain possession of the home I’ll try to set up an appointment to get a cable hookup for my modem, but I didn’t think I dared to do this until I actually took possession of the home. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one in by the end of the week. If so, I’ll be updating right after that because I’m going to need a poetry break from all that has been happening lately.

Besides, that’ll be my two year anniversary blogging and that would seem like an appropriate time to really get back into the swing of blogging.

6 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. Good luck with the move, and watch your back.

    I’m on a break myself for a bit. Doing a little research. We’ll race to see who comes back online first.

  2. The move should be fine now that I’ve finally accepted it and gotten everything into place.

    Don’t say “race,” I’m far too competitive for that. I’d end up choosing my cable provider by who can have it in the fastest rather than by who has the best service.

  3. “The harsh reality seems to be that it is nearly impossible to ever truly finish anything.”

    Years ago, in a book on 16mm filmmaking, the author Lenny Lipton provided answers to some frequently asked questions. One question was: “How do I know when my film is finished?” Lipton’s answer: “When you don’t want to do it anymore.”

    Even in my limited experience, buying one house whilst simultaneously selling another is one of the most stressful experiences one can have — so I’m really glad that the process has gone so smoothly for you.

    All the best with the move. I look forward to seeing you back blogging in your own sweet time.

  4. Good luck with the move Loren. Dheck for DSL providers as well as cable – double your chances of getting a good connection :-)(actually more than double given the differences in the way that cable and dsl share their resoutces with their users – dsl is usually faster within a 3-4 km radius of the central office than cable is across its network) – in any event have a good move and hurry back on line 🙂

  5. Hope it’s all going smoothly. You’re taking us all with you! (or at least we’ll be back round when you open this door). I just love that. Travel well.

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