What I Did Tonight

Originally I’d planned on posting pictures from my first walk through Point Defiance Park tonight, but I guess plans are only plans when life intrudes.

Dawn had open house tonight, so I promised to take care of Gavin for the night.
A week ago I purchased a game for my computer for him to play, and the first thing he said when he entered the door was that he wanted to play the “puter.”

Turns out he wanted to play the “puter” most of the night. Hopefully, I haven’t taken the first steps in transmitting a dangerous addiction to the unlucky child, because his father might be a worse computer addict than I am, and that’s saying a lot.

Luckily even digital pictures last over night, so I’ll post this picture of Gavin at the computer for tonight and then post my first pictures of Pt. Defiance Park sometime tomorrow after I take my daily walk.

After all, having the grandchildren around is just as much a part of this new living experience as taking a walk in the park.