Setting My Priorities

Things have been hectic around here lately, and they probably won’t get much better for a few days.

My recent “vacation” from blogging was the result of having eighty percent of my house carpeted, which meant moving all the furniture from room to room as various parts of the house were carpeted. Since I didn’t do the moving, I still haven’t discovered where several things have gone to. It took me two days to just find various parts of my computer and reassemble it. (And, yes, I am typing this on my G-4 which is just back from having a new OS-X installed, and, yes, I’m supposed to re-install all my programs because they may have been corrupted when OS-X got corrupted. Right now I’m running on my back-up drive, rather than the main drive because I sure as hell don’t have time to re-install all my programs at the moment.)

Unfortunately, having my computer re-assembled isn’t the same as having time to finish reading Crane and writing intelligently about those poems. I’m still painting the house trim, retouching the inside painting where the carpet installers left smudges and dents, finishing the outside trim, trimming all the doors that now drag on the newly-installed card, and trying to spruce the yard up, since it is really the greatest selling point of this house.

To complicate matters, my grandson Gavin is spending the week with us. His mother and father are backpacking for the week and I promised them several months ago that I would babysit. While this turns out not to be the best time to do so, we are having a good time and I wouldn’t miss the opportuntiy to spend my week with him even if it meant not selling the house for another month or two.

As I get older I realize it really is impossible to ever make up for the time you miss spending with loved ones. Of course, that’s obviously true, and it’s hard to see how we could fail to recognize it, but somehow we do manage to put family and friends on the back burner while we attend to more important business. Luckily, I’m too old to fall for that again, and Gavin and I will be heading over to the toy store today to find a toy that we can play with when we’re not watching Peter Pan or the Fox and the Hound

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  1. One of my more pleasant memories was walking through my grandparent’s orchard with my grandfather, quietly talking about this and that. My grandfather reached up and picked a peach off a tree, brought out his pocket knife and started cutting me slices of the sun warmed fruit, as we watched Dusty the donkey chase the robins in ‘his’ yard.

    We were both playing hooky, he from work, me from school — taking the time to talk about my parents upcoming divorce, working things through.

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