In Passing

Catching up with some (slightly) old news, I wanted to note an article that Torill Mortensen of thinking with my fingersreferred to when she linked to my article on “Where Do the Childen Play.” The article, entitled “Complete freedom of movement”: video games as gendered play spaces,” explores the difficulty of creating video games that create the kind of positive spaces that children need to grow up successfully.

On the other hand, though I was pleased that Adam would link to my blog with the line, “I like this blog a lot,” I would sure as heck like to know who Adam is and what exactly the site “FlatCity” is. It appears to be some sort of “co-op.” (Yeah right, that’s merely a lead-in for my next segment.) It’s all well and good to be liked, and linked, but it’s also nice to know who you’re liked by. (Not that I really been able to keep up with all the political bloggers that I’ve recently linked to because I’ll be writing over at a political site at least until the next election, in an attempt to prevent my political outrage from spilling over onto this space.) ((For all the high school teachers who (whom?) link to me, I apologize for that last run-on sentence, at least I think it might be a run-on, but I don’t know any other way to say it if it is.(:-?))

Next, I want to do a little pushing of the Wayward Webloggers, Shelley “Burningbird” Power’s co-op. If you’re a regular visitor here, you’ll notice that there has been a lot less down time here than there was on my old site and the page loads much more quickly. (Though I’m still apologizing for all the links I apparently broke with the move) And Shelley actually lets us know when the site has problems, unlike the old ISP that, if you believed their postings, NEVER had a problem, even if I couldn’t access my site to post to it.

More importantly, despite the relatively modest fees here, we are able to subsidize some members who can’t afford even these modest fees. If someone is willing to donate all the time necessary to maintain a web site, it seems unfair to deny them the chance to do so simply because they can’t afford to pay an ISP.

All my poetic friends who are still using Blogger and are considering an “upgrade” should give the Wayward Webloggers’ Coop a look see. And then you, too, could vote not to have any kitty cats portrayed on the Co-op’s logo.