Those Old MacIntosh Blues

As if I wasn’t have enough problems at the moment, my MacIntosh G-4 seems to have chosen this moment to give up the ghost.

It slowed down so much that it was barely usable. When I restarted it, nothing happened and it just kept running, never even got to the question mark. After restarting it in darwin mode and trying to run fsck -y I got the message “load of sbin/mach_init, errno2.” So far I haven’t been able to find out what this means, but if it’s like the news I’ve been getting around here lately, it’s not going to be good news, and it’s probably going to be expensive news.

Naturally, what better time for bad news than when I’m just about to move and buy a new house that will almost invariably be more expensive than the house I’m in now. Do you think these machines actually conspire with each other ?

Right now I’m writing this, with great difficulty, I might add, on my iBook. I find it difficult to get used to the small screen, but, most of all, to the flat, chicklet type keyboard. I love this machine when I’m traveling, but have little patience for it when I’m at home.

I’ll try to get my G-4 into the dealer tomorrow and see what it will cost me to have it repaired. If it’s too expensive, I doubt that I’ll bother having it fixed even though it’s just a little over two years old. Nor will I be able to buy a new G5 at this time, if they’re even available yet.

I expect that this, combined with my need to get ready to move, is going to put a real crimp in my blogging efforts, though, as you can tell, I’m probably addicted to reporting my life’s joys and problems on the web.

At least I can get online with the iBook.