Marking Time

It’s been nearly impossible to get anything done around here today, what with the linoleum-carpet installers tearing out old carpet and linoleum (and dropping heavy rolls of carpeting on the upstairs floor to punctuate their duties).

To make matters worse, the construction crew was also demolishing the bathroom shower with chop saws and chipping away old tile with wrecking bars.

Poor Skye has simply gone crazy most of the day, varying from a hostile growl when someone comes near the den door to pacing back and forth like a neurotic, caged lion. He might be a great watch dog, but I’m more worried about a lawsuit from a biting incident than I am from being beaten to death in my bed at night.

I’m supposed to be finishing up the painting, but, the carpet installers changed the plans I was given and are working in virtually all of the spaces where I need to finish up painting. So, I’ve been sitting here at my computer browsing the web in a distracted sort of way, feeling slightly sorry for myself.

I picked up Hart Crane’s Complete Poetry in an attempt to finish my next poetry entry, but it was impossible to maintain any kind of train of thought with all the banging and slamming. Besides, I didn’t think it was fair to try to judge his poetry under these conditions. I’d hate to blame his obscurity on my distracted mind.

2 thoughts on “Marking Time”

  1. Interesting coincidence. The well-drillers just left after driving my dogs crazy all day with their noisey rig out back. Went down 202 feet & I’m a shade over four grand poorer. But I have six gallons a minute of nice clear water.

  2. Wish I could say they were done today, but they’ll be back most of the week unfortunately. And I’ll be a shade over five grand poorer.

    I’m sure I’ll somehow survive, and so will poor Skye, though he might shed a little more hair than usual.

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