Great Grandpa’s Ray of Sunshine

It seems like we’ve been home from our Santa Rosa vacation for months now, but we haven’t managed to get out much during that time.  A wicked combination of doctor appointments and poor weather has kept us close to home.  

Luckily, though, Kasen and I managed a couple of playdates during that period, definitely the highlight of my time home. 

I didn’t have too many chances to get pictures — way too busy playing for that, and most of the time he was crawling away from me as fast as he could.  Of course, he would stop and look back to make sure I was chasing him. No fun crawling away if no one is going to chase you.

Cornered. though, he would crawl right up to me so I could capture a shot of him with my iPhone.

I volunteered several months ago to babysit whenever his mother needed someone to fill in as a babysitter, but we’ve only had him three or four times so far.  

Gavin kept worrying that taking care of him would wear me out, but the only problem I encountered while he was here was that Leslie wanted to hold him too much, cutting back on our playtime.

I’ll have to admit that at my age I wouldn’t want to take care of a toddler every day but having him occasionally makes me feel more alive than days when I sit inside at my computer looking at the rain coming down+. 

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