No, Bullshit

Nearly three months ago I discovered the Canadian “folksinger” Jon Brooks while watching the Canadian Show “Being Erica.” After hearing the song, I immediately searched for Jon Brooks and bought his album entitled Moth Nor Rust II and spent hours listening to it. When I began to tire of merely repeating the same songs, I purchased Delicate Cages and spent hours switching between the two. Then about a month ago I purchased No One Travels Alone and got hooked on this song.

The way things have been going in my life lately I think this may become my new theme song, just as Ray Charles’s If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck (I wouldn’t have no luck at all) became my theme song 30 some years ago.

2 thoughts on “No, Bullshit”

  1. I’ve never heard of this singer-song-writer before. He’s really quite good. I appreciated listening to this song. I’m really sorry that most things don’t work out these days, Loren. I hope things get better for you. Please take care there.

    1. I’m sure it’s the lyrics that really grab me. This album uses the last line of the previous song as the first line of the next song, and each song seems to expand the meaning of the previous ones. Like good poets, he introduces you to new ideas and focuses on events that have apparently gone largely unreported in the States.

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