Pigeon Guillemots

I don’t go to Port Townsend to see Pigeon Guillemots, but I usually look for them while I’m there. On this trip, though, I started my day by walking out on the dock to see if I could find a Loon and ended up getting this shot of one who obviously thought I was way too close.

It reminded me of the shot I I took the day before of the Pelagic Cormorant. It’s amazing the amount of water those feet displace.

Strangely enough, I ended my day with several shots of Pigeon  Guillemots at Fort Worden. Apparently, this flock of Guillemots are much more used to people and just looked back casually at the people looking down from the pier.

This pair seemed far too busy flirting to even notice that there were people around.

Though one of the surest signs that a bird is a Pigeon Guillemot is the bright orange legs, this is the first time I’ve ever notice the brilliant orange inside of their beak.