Back to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

Although Nisqually Wildlife Refuge inspired me to take up birding several years, I haven’t been back nearly as often since they blew the dikes out several years ago.  However, when Paul suggested he wanted to explore it, I was more than willing to give it another try. I’m glad I did because I it gave me a chance to get some close-up shots of ducks, like this pair of Green-Winged Teal landing simultaneously, 

a pair of Northern Shovelers romantically circling each other,

an elegant pair of Norther Pintails, 

and a pair of Widgeons.

One thought on “Back to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge”

  1. Such beautiful photos of truly beautiful birds. Your photos always remind me of the few years Roger and I lived in the Pacific Northwest and how much we miss views like this.

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