Port Orchard Marina

Whenever we bird the east side of Puget Sound we begin by walking Theler Wetlands and end by walking the Port Orchard marina. I suspect I walk them in this order because I discovered Theler long before I discovered Port Orchard — and because it is a habit.  If I were only interested in wildlife photos, I probably wouldn’t bother to walk Theler this time of year and would spend all of my time at Port Orchard because I can get a lot closer to the birds in Port Orchard and because they are so accustomed to people that they don’t immediately dive when you try to take a shot, not to mention that I am more apt to see favorites like this Horned Grebe, 

Pelagic Cormorant, 

Double-Crested Cormorant,

and Hooded Mergansers.

3 thoughts on “Port Orchard Marina”

  1. If you follow the bike trail along the water parallel to Bay Street and past the Titus Ford dealership you’ll get to West Bay Plaza and you’ve seen my house. It’s the blue one with the big deck next to the pink Victorian with the widow’s walk, one terrace up on Perry Ave. They’re framed by the bike trail, so you can’t not see them if you look straight ahead. Great blue herons nest in the tall pine next to my driveway right above the top of the cherry tree in front.

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