Fits and Starts

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately because birding is slow, the weather, until recently, has been less than cooperative, and we still haven’t committed to hitting the road during this pandemic.  It’s certainly not helpful that I’m finding it difficult to finish books that I’ve started and even harder to actually write something about the ones that I have finished.  

Luckily, recent weather forecasts of freezing temperatures have been wrong and we have been having an Indian Summer, which has gotten us out of the house and walking more regularly.  Unfortunately, when we are focusing on exercise, and not birding, I usually leave my camera home unless we’re hiking on Mt. Rainier.

So, on our recent walk to The Dunes area in Pt. Defiance Park and the return through the Rose Garden I was forced to resort to using my iPhone 11 camera.  Though it failed miserably to capture shots of the Sea Lions sunning on the rocks along the shore, it did manage to capture some nice shots of the flowers.

The roses took a beating from the week-long rains, but there are still new ones emerging as long as the predicted freezing doesn’t occur.

The dahlias really seem to take center-stage in the Fall, though, and they seem unfazed by a little rain and cooler temperatures. The hardest part of photographing them is remembering what pictures I’ve posted of them previously.  I don’t remember posting this one, but recently I have trouble remembering what day of the week it is, so forgive me if the same shot appears in “Related.”

I seriously doubt that I could have seen this one previously and not posted it, 

but some things are so beautiful they shouldn’t be ignored. 

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