Everything Falls Away Eventually

Nothing makes you appreciate what you have than its imminent loss.  I’ll have to admit that, despite all the work we’ve put into it in the last few years, I seldom take advantage of the opportunity to admire our yard.  It wasn’t until the recent weather forecast for freezing temperatures that I took the time to go out and photograph some of the plants and flowers still growing strong.

And it wasn’t until I was looking through the lens of my camera that I appreciated the beauty of the leaves on this annual that Leslie planted.  Who needs flowers when you look this good all the time?

Anyone who visits regularly knows that my favorite spot in Pt. Defiance is the dahlia garden, so it probably comes as no surprise that I had to buy some of my own.  I bought a three-pack from Territorial Gardens in late winter.  I wasn’t sure when to plant them, so this variety struggled mightily at the beginning, looking like it was going to fall victim to the slugs while the other two steadily climbed skyward.  In the end, though, it was the healthiest of the three and had far more flowers than the other two.

My favorite flower of the three is this one, but such beauty must come at a heavy price because there was never more than one or two flowers on the plant at a time and they faded more quickly than the other two plants.

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