An Old Friend

Yard work doesn’t really make a great blog topic, but that’s what I’ve been doing much of  the last two weeks. It’s been great working with grandkids, but it still doesn’t make blogable material.

So, I guess you’ll have to be content with a few shots of the hummingbirds that buzz around us while we work.  I’ll have to admit I really don’t know how many different hummingbirds visit our yard, but looking at the photographs it’s clear that there are two different varieties that take turns trying to drive the other away from the Crocosmia.

This appears to be an Annas’s Hummingbird standing lookout on the plum tree

and hovering mid-air between blossoms. 

The Rufous takes a more direct approach to guarding its prized possession and perches on the Crocosmia stems

because it takes a lot of energy to visit all of the blossoms.

7 thoughts on “An Old Friend”

  1. So what’s your technique, Loren—one-hand the camera while pruning and weed-pulling with the other hand? Very impressive! Whatever you do, looks plenty “blogable” (I appreciate the new adjective entering the lexicon!) to me!

    1. I wish I had strength enough to carry my 400mm lens around and work with the other hand. Pretty sure I took these while taking a lunch break or while supervising the grandkids.

      “Blogable” seemed like a necessary word and I’ve been around enough poets over the years that I’m willing to take poetic license myself.

  2. What gorgeous photos – I have the same hummingbirds and the same flowers but never would be able to capture what you have. Thanks!

  3. Loren, gorgeous amazing photos! Lucky to get those visitors! What’s that saying about searching the world and finding heaven “in my own backyard”? Aloha Susan

  4. We had our first hummingbird of the season just this week. Usually my 4-o’clocks attract them a little sooner than this.

    We’ve only got one resident humming bird- the Ruby Throated- but in the autumn we get a variety of them as they migrate to Mexico for the winter.

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