I’ve Fallen Behind and Can’t Catch Up

Though I can think of a thousand reasons (many I really don’t want to dwell on) why I haven’t blogged lately, I’ll just say that I really wanted to focus on this series of shots I took at Seabeck but I didn’t want to put in the time that it took to get it ready.  This was originally a sequence of thirty-or-so shots (obviously I should have been shooting a video not taking single shots) of Bald Eagles interacting at Seabeck that I took a few weeks ago.  The shots were taken at a considerable distance, so I had to go through several steps to make each shot good enough to post.  In the end, I narrowed it down to these six shots.  

I began by just taking a shot of this Bald Eagle holding a flounder in its beak.

Instead of calmly eating it’s catch, it looked up and started to fly away.

Surprisingly, it dropped its fish and readied  to 

fend off an attacker trying to steal its catch.

The battle raged for a few seconds before a juvenile Bald Eagle landed, trying to sneak away with a meal while the other two fought.

The scuffle that followed was nearly impossible to follow; all I know for sure is that one of the adult Bald Eagles flew off with the fish while the immature Bald Eagle and other adult hassled each other.

The scuffle was definitely the highlight of what, unfortunately, turned out to be a rather dull outing.  It was clear that I had missed the Sculpin Run and things were beginning to slow down considerably.   

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